domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

How To Win Your Ex Back… how to get her back

One of the hardest lessons of life is accepting rejection and failure. However, it would be foolish not fight for something you want, if you feel you deserve it. For example, a relationship gone sour. Sometimes, you break up because of a small, inconsequential argument on something really unimportant like weather, politics, or food. Other times, break ups happen because both parties are in bad mood, coming after a day of too much stress, anger, or feelings of inadequacies.

Before you throw in the towel and give up on your girlfriend or wife, stop for a minute and consider life without that person. Remember, often, it’s darn pride that holds you back, not the faults of the other person. You know that person is special and so how to get her back should be your top priority, not how to deal with the anger and loss.

Taking steps and learning unique ways on how to your ex back is not difficult at all. What you need is a little creativity, imagination, and a whole lot of sincerity. Accept that neither of you is perfect, and mistakes will happen. She may be the most perfect human being in the world for you, but she is not perfect. Thus, here are some simple but effective ways how to get your ex back.

Respect Yourself

Be a man. A woman will always respect a man who respects himself. This does not mean being pompous and arrogant, but knowing the difference between right and wrong, and having a strong sense of self along with that.

Have Principles and Values

Establish your principles. What do you believe in and why? Who do you look up to and why? What choices would you make in a given situation and why? A man who wavers and never stands for anything will never be able to begin to know how to get her back. A woman has to believe in you and agree with you on most occasions for there to be a harmonious relationship.  Petty arguments will chip away at any attraction and love she may have for you, until there is nothing left by animosity.

Of course, this does not mean agreeing with her just for the sake of doing so. While opposites may attract, it can also implode with constant  bickering.

Respect Her

As you should expect her to respect you, you should also respect what she stands for. If not, then the whole relationship is based on physical attraction, and will not be able to stand the test of time.

If you want to know how to get her back, then you must have a solid foundation wherein you are able to be a couple, and yet allow each other space to improve individually. Holding on to her like a caged bird will never work. Allow her the freedom to explore and grow as a person. At the same time, expect that she allow you the same freedom.

Finally, if you want to know how to get your ex back, here are 4 words: Be true to yourself. No more lies, no more deceit, no more half truths, and especially, no more “Just Me.”

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sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Relationship Advice For Men: 5 Essential Tips

If you are out there trying to figure out how to get your girlfriend back, then you need to read this. Here are some of the simplest and most basic relationship advice for men from women who see things from the other side.

Macho Isn’t All Its Cut Out To Be

A woman is attracted to a man with a great body and a take-charge attitude. However, she will not always accept being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it when they are alone. She will let you keep your macho image in front of others because it makes her look good, but don’t pull similar stunts when it just the two of you.

What does this mean? If you want to know how to get your girlfriend back, then you need to separate your public persona from your private self. Give her credit to make her own decisions, and avoid pulling rank on her.

Stop Apologizing For The Same Mistake

This is a story as old as time. If you want a really good relationship advice for men, then this is it. If you are going to keep doing the same thing that irritates her like leaving your clothes strewn all over the room, or picking her up late, then an apology or a hundred apologies will grow stale fast. Just change it. You know you can.

Never Fail To Compliment Her

Of course, if you are planning to use this relationship advice for men, make sure the compliment is sincere and true. Don’t fake a compliment! If you have just split up with your girlfriend, one sure way how to get your girlfriend back would be to say something nice about her. It does not even have to be said directly to her, but to someone close to her. Just make sure that person will relay the compliment to your ex girlfriend.

Listen To Her

Believe it or not, men just like to pretend they are listening to their girlfriend, when in fact, they’re thinking of the play-offs or the business deal they have to wrap up. The hardest part about this relationship advice for men is that women somehow pick the worst moment to start talking about something important to them. Furthermore, they expect you to drop what you are doing and listen to her. This could be one reason why relationships fail. If you have to know how to get your girlfriend back, then the clue is communication. For instance, if you are busy, ask for a minute or two, then give her the attention she wants. Never pretend that you are listening to her, when in fact, you’re not. You would be better off telling her to talk to you later.

Keep The Romance Alive, And The Sex Exciting

There’s a difference between romance and sex. Learn it, and don’t mix the two up. You can have one without the other, and sometimes, a woman just wants romance. If she knows that you are romancing her just to get her in bed, then it’s not love, but sex – at least for her.

These are five simple relationship advice for men that can help either win the girl of your dreams or help you figure out how to get your girlfriend back. Try them, and you’ll never have a problem with women again.

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How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Without Arguments Or Drama

Before you start a campaign on how to get my ex boyfriend back, you need to understand the reasons you get hurt and why you ended up losing your boyfriend in the process. A relationship based on dependency will never survive. Why? Well, when your boyfriend disappoints for any reason, however simple, it will create a crack in the relationship. Once the cracks get longer, bigger, and more serious, the whole thing will come tumbling down like a deck of cards.

We get hurt because of seven reasons:

•    We get offended
•    We feel betrayed
•    We are insulted
•    Broken promises
•    We felt violated
•    We felt left out
•    We felt let down

Any one of these reasons can make it impossible for a relationship to work IF there is no communication. You could have kept all your ill feelings hidden away. Or, you could have nagged and voiced out your feelings angrily, which would have been even worse.

Then, when he’s gone and you’re left alone, what can you do? How to get your ex back would probably be your top priority. Except, unless you can resolve the issues within you, then learning how to get my ex boyfriend back will never be a permanent situation.

Here’s how you can get your ex back without the drama.

Accept That You Were Partially Responsible For the Break Up

There are always at least two ways to deal with any situation, and you chose a road that led to the break-up. That was your decision, and you need to own up to that responsibility. Now that he is not around, maybe you can look at what happened more objectively and try to figure out what you did wrong.

Learn To Forgive and Forget

You know, if you keep bad stuff bottled in you, and the wrong kind of memories in a vault somewhere close by, convenient to use in the next argument, then you’re on a  one way trip to loneliness – eventually. You have to make the choice – can you forget the past? Can you forgive him?

Stop Trying To Control Things

You probably got hurt because things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. Is that his fault? If you have been trying to dictate the direction of the relationship, you could have planted seeds of irritation and anger in your boyfriend. If you don’t want to be controlled, then don’t try to control as well.

If you want to learn how to get your ex back, then you need to make some personal changes. Obviously, there were things about you that changed or were revealed that he did not like. Can you try to figure out what these are, and can you try to change it, or at the very least, tone it down?

It Takes Two

Remember that he loved you too, and so he is probably hurting and missing you as much as you are missing him. If you want to know how to get my ex boyfriend back, find out from mutual friends what he has been up to. Try to get a hint on whether he would be willing to see you.

Make The Changes

Go for the new look! Have a complete make-over. Lose some weight, get a new wardrobe, and a new hairstyle. Not only will this make you look more attractive, it will boost your confidence.

With your new look, you will catch his eye, no doubt. Once you do, your next moves could change the course of the night, and the rest of your life. You could let him know you miss him. You could apologize for mistakes you made in the past. The important thing is getting him to listen to you without the drama. Remember the woman you were when you first met. Be that woman again, and watch the magic come alive once more.

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